A Month and a Day

One month and one day. 76,324 words.

It is done.

Well, the rough draft is done. There’s a lot of polishing to be done in revisions. That said, it’s a lot easier to revise than to create from nothing. One part of the hard work is done; now more hard work is coming!

I decided to try writing a rough draft in a month. Sure, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is November, and lots of people do it, but November rarely works for me as a pastor. That’s the month of Thanksgiving and amping up for Christmas. Also, why wait for a set day when you could start any day?

So September 11, 2020, I began this attempt. I’d written entire novels in a month before, but never at this length. Previous efforts topped out at around 50,000 words in a month. I was aiming for a book of about 75,000 words this time around. That would mean well over 2,000 words a day on average. Could I do it?

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Sprinting Toward a Novel in One Month…

With the steel of the whip on my shoulder…
With the salt of my sweat on my brow…

OK, so maybe writing isn’t that bad. Honestly, it’s been a lot of fun. But since September 11, I’ve been writing like mad attempting to get the rough draft of a novel done in a month. That means I’ve got just over a week to go. I’m on track to actually finish… but it means that every single writing moment is dedicated to that novel.

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Writing While Depressed

I need to get more writing done. Right now I have the time to do writing.

Instead, I’m going to take a nap.

Instead, I’m going to cry.

Instead, I’m twitching because I’m overstimulated.

Instead, I’m going to stare at my computer screen. Not brainstorming or thinking about writing. Just staring.

Welcome to trying to write while wrestling with depression.

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Still Working and Worth It

Don’t you want to be a professional writer? Happily typing away at a brisk pace when the mood hits you, calmly sipping your drink of choice as you sit in a beautiful, clean room with plenty of natural lighting, overlooking placid scenery?

Ok, hold on a sec…

Ok, ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest…

I’m about two weeks into working on the current novel, and let me tell you, it is work. It is wonderful work, but that picture of just happily typing away? Of waiting for a muse?

Yeah. Not so much.

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