Redemption at the Con

I need to confess something. It may change your view of me forever. I may lose a lot of people who follow me over this one. It’s dark.

I’ve never been to a con.

Of any kind.

Now the mighty have fallen! I’ve been to a comic shop almost every week of my life since before I can remember. I worked in a comic shop for five years. Seven, kind of, if you count those two. (I don’t, clearly.) I geek out over Star Trek and Babylon 5. I’m eagerly awaiting Brent Weeks’ next book. I pretty much define the kind of person that cons are supposed to appeal to.

And yet… I’ve never been to one.

It’s a deep sin for someone of a geeky pedigree like myself, isn’t it? I mean, it’s like saying you love Renaissance Faires, having your own garb, reading fanfic that takes place in Faires (yes, it exists), and never going to one, even when it’s in your own town.

Oh, I am not the level of geek I aspire to be. Continue reading “Redemption at the Con”



When I was in grade school, I wanted to be a writer. That desire has never left me. And I’ve succeeded. I’m a writer!

What makes a person a writer?

Writers write. That’s it. If I’m writing, I’ve succeeded as far as becoming a writer.

Now, becoming a full-time writer, where my writing supports me and my family? That’s another matter! I ain’t there yet by any means! Yes, I’ve gotten some “paying gigs,” but not enough to cover little things like food and rent.

I’ve started doing a lot more research into what it will take to go full-time, and I’ve learned a lot.

One of the big lessons is: You need to write a lot. Some people push out a novel every month. Now, I don’t think I have the ability to do that with quality, until/unless I am no longer a minister. Even then I’m dubious I could produce anything worth reading at that pace.

However, even if the goal is significantly less than a novel a month – say, a novel a quarter or twice a year – I still need to up my game. I need to be producing many more words on the page. Continue reading “MOAR WRITING!”

Gray Worlds

I’m supposed to be writing.

I have a deadline. It’s not even self-imposed this time; I need to have a certain writing project complete in a certain amount of time, and it should be easy to do so.

Instead I’m sitting here staring at a screen. The worlds of brilliant color I should be creating are instead gray. My family is puttering around. My oldest son is asking me what’s wrong. I should be helping my wife if I’m not writing.

The last few days I’ve been riding high. I’ve been generally excited about things. Some things fell into place with my writing and talking to various publishers (nothing I can share publicly yet, but announcements should be coming). The writing I’m supposed to be doing was coming freely. I wove worlds vivid with hues I longed to share.

And about two hours ago, the bottom fell out.

I should have known. I should have seen it. It’s a pattern, you see.

I have depression. Continue reading “Gray Worlds”

Creating Worlds OR Visiting Them

I have a problem.

OK, I have a lot of problems, all right? But I’m talking about a specific problem. You’re probably not licensed to help me with those other problems.

See, I’ve been writing a lot lately. It’s kinda what I do. I tend to go in spurts, though. Sometimes I’ll be in full-on “read” mode, and sometimes full-on “write” mode. But this is the annoying thing: When I write, I still want to read.

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Bite-Size Worlds

We all want a new earth. That’s why we read fiction, after all: We want to experience something that isn’t the earth we live in here. We want different relationships or different cultures or just the joy of discovering something that isn’t here.

I have a really cool way of visiting lots of different worlds very quickly, though. It’s something that maybe you’ve done in the past or do now.

See, I love reading novels. The problem is, I’m not a very fast reader. Especially if I’m reading a novel aimed at adults, it takes me forever to get through it. And even if the writing is great, sometimes I’ll lose interest – I just want to get to a different world.

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Choose… Wisely.

My Bride is a dangerous woman.

Every year, she picks a theme for how she’s going to select the books she’s going to read. One year, she asked friends for recommendations and only read things they recommended. Last year, she only read books we already owned but neither of us had read before.

Last year, I tried to pick a theme – let’s read only pocket paperback-sized books! – and I got about half the year before I read some mass market paperbacks… I don’t know if I’m made for year-long themes.

But this year, she’s still using a theme. This time her theme is terrifying: She’s having me pick every book she reads.

I have such power. Continue reading “Choose… Wisely.”

A Year of Books 2019: …And the Rest!

Sometimes you read a book that doesn’t “fit in” with the rest of what you read.

So, um, these are the books I read that didn’t “fit in” someplace else.


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